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Nikki O

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Memorial Tattoo


I've been busy and haven't had a whole lot of time to get started outlining my sketch in Illustrator. I'm leaving for a couple weeks on vacation and figured I might as well submit my progression before I left. It's getting there, but I'm still missing some flowers, detail in the lighthouse and I'm also still brainstorming how I want to tackle the light. At least now I have some symmetrical type and I'm starting to see it all come together. Thanks everyone for the critique so far!


Coming into this class I didn't really have an idea for a tattoo, it just sounded like a fun class that I could challenge myself in. It took a while to figure out what I wanted to do, but decided on a memorial tattoo for my father in law that passed away a few months ago. 

The challenging part for me is always having too many ideas and not really being able to narrow them down. The navy was a big part of his life so my first idea was to incorporate that. I started by researching anchors and had the idea to merge an anchor and a lighthouse. That is where the elements from my moodboard come into play.

After getting into sketching I realized it wasn't really working out as planned. I wanted everything to fit in a circle, but was having a hard time accomplishing what I wanted.

I attempted to take a step back and simplify my idea. That's how I ended up with this...

I don't at all consider myself someone who can draw, so I'm really looking forward to getting this into Illustrator and really cleaning up the lines especially in the flowers and text. I also want to work on a few ways to depict the light coming from the lighthouse...suggestions welcome!


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