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Memorable Marketing

Here's my story.  I appreciate any thoughts or feedback you might have!  I don't have a business name yet, thus the blanks in the story.  If you have an idea for a name, let me know that too. 



Meet Denys.  

She is a nutritionist who is devoted to helping children with behavioral problems find natural, healthy solutions and live better lives.

Her problem?

She doesn't have any clients yet.  

How can she reach her potential clients?

1. By wowing people in her network with gorgeous, memorable business cards.
2. By conveying her message in a unique way with beautiful brochures.
3. By building a website that meets their needs and keeps them coming back for more.

Easy, right?  Anyone can make amazing business cards, beautiful brochures, and great websites.


Most business cards are boring.

Most brochures are forgettable.

Most websites look the same as every other website.

How will she combat the road most traveled of boring, forgettable, and cookie cutter marketing materials?

She can either
a. Learn how to create them herself


b. Hire someone to make them for her

Here's the problem:

Learning how to make a

business card


and website

Can take HOURS of time.  (Sometimes even MONTHS.)

She'll have to learn about:
Graphic design
Web platforms

And more

All while building her business in other ways.

Who has the time?

So why doesn't she hire someone else to do it?

Simple: She doesn't have clients, and therefore can't hire a graphic designer for the thousands of dollars they charge for a marketing package.

So what should she do?

Glad you asked.

1. She can LEARN how to design memorable, beautiful and unique marketing materials on _____________ by taking classes that combine all of the skills and knowledge she needs to be successful.


2. She can PAY LESS to have one of our experts design her marketing materials.

Why do we charge less?

Because we believe in small business and entrepreneurship.

We want you to be successful and to contribute something meaningful to the world.  

Now Denys can approach clients with confidence because she has:

an unforgettable business card

a fantastic brochure

a kick ass website

Don't you want to wow your potential clients, too?

Visit __________________ to find out more.


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