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Memoirs of a Geisha

Concept 1

  • At the very beginning of the book the main character tells us that she has too much water in her personality
  • Most people consider this a bad thing as everyone needs a good balance of elements in their personality but she explains that water is a good element to have too much of because it can go through all of the other elements
  • She explains right from the start that the water in her personality helps make her resiliant and makes her capable of seeing opporunity where other people can't
  • The cherry blossom festival is where she first meets the chairman, which is a life changing event for her
  • This chance meeting causes her to decide to take her life in her hands and become a Geisha after all, in order to meet the chairman again
  • This concept takes the significance of the water and cherry blossoms and combines them
  • The main structure of the M is a cherry tree in full blossom but the tree is being consumed by too much water
  • In a fashion similar to Sayuri, the tree uses the water to grow rather than drown and is bursting forth from the water to flourish and grow into a beautiful tree, which is very similar to how Sayuris story plays out

Concept 2

  • Once Sayuri becomes Mameha's apprentice, she is told that she must master dance in order to become truly successful
  • Dance is seen as the most elite disciplines a geisha can study as only the best are encouraged to continue and become master dancers
  • Dance plays a large role in Sayuris success and she often used dance to communicate her feelings, be that for the chairman or for how life was turning out
  • Fans are an essential part of dance and once a Geisha graduates to a top level of dance, her teacher givers her a special fan
  • Sayuri gives this fan to Nobu (which is never done) to signify his importance to her and her life, even though she ends up betraying him so she can get what she has always wanted

Concept 3

  • This concept is inspired by a scene in the movie when Sayuri thinks she will never have the chairman and throwns away his hankerchife that she has had since she was 12
  • In this concept Sayuri is standing on a bridge throwing a rock into the water, signifying her taking her life info her own hands and distupting her destiny
  • Throughout the book she struggles with taking what appears to be lifes chosen path for her and doing what her heart has longed for since her youth
  • Throwing the stone into the water (which is representative of her personality, life and destiny) represents her no longer being happy with having her life dictated to her and that she wants to take charge of her life once and for all


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