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Members of Pinterest RePin Posts

1. I type "" into web browser.

2.  The domain name server (DNS) searches the domain name for an Internet Protocol (IP) address.

3. Once the IP address is found the web server is located and data packets are returned.  By following the Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) the data is pieced together to display the Pinterest homepage.

4.  On the homepage I see a lot of really cool "Pins" from other Pinterest members. I decide to review these and search for one worthy of re-pinning. (This page includes HTML, CSS as well as javascript codes. Additionally there are Google APIs coded into this page)

5.  Found one! I hover over the image to see various calls to action (CTAs) including "Repin".

6.  I click on "Repin". The browser makes another DNS query for the login domain, finds the IP address and again takes me to the Pinterest Login page.

7. I am prompted to Login to my Pinterest account to post the Repin within my Pinterest account. 

8. I login using my Facebook account credentials. Another DNS query is made through the Facebook login which re-driects to the Pinterest page,  levergaing the cached information for the selected Repin.

9. Upon login I am taken to the Pin, where I can add a comment along with my Repin.  I think this post speaks for itself so I decide to Repin, no comments neccessary.

10. The pin becomes an overlay for which I am prompted to select an existing pin board in my account or add a new board on which to post.  I choose to place this cute and funny pin on the board appropriately titled "Ha Ha".

11.  I click on the the bright red CTA "Pin It", the site processes my request and voila, I now have this Pin in my Ha Ha board collection of pins. 


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