I decided to change up the story a bit to allow for more of a character arc.

So when the guy runs out of nerf bullets, he just gives up and exits, leaving me to deal with the problem alone. I look back in the bathroom and see my roach crawling around nearby my swiffer. I decide to face my fear and I use the swiffer to chase the roach out of my dorm.



Sticking with Melee! I've got some pictures of my old dorm room and I even own the same nerf gun (maverick!). Avoiding finding pictures of cockroaches until the last possible minute, for obvious reasons. Basically, I've got my reasearch taken care/will grab as I need it, and I won't bother to bog it down here.

Quick, sort-of-to-scale schematic of the room:

super quick character sketches!

Wish I had more but I'm short on time today. Thumbnails tomorrow!


So! After a lot of mulling around I've got a few ideas to toss in here. Let me know what you think!

Idea 1: Melee! Melee!

I have a horrible, horrible fear of bugs. This didn't mix well with living in a dorm room that had a common problem with cockroaches. In one of my more humourous experiences, I found a roach in my bathroom and immediately called a friend of mine and said to her "Send your boyfriend over I have a roach problem."

A minute later, the guy showed up at my door with a nerf gun screaming "Melee! Melee!" He ran into my bathroom and started shooting at the roach, with absolutley no success. Eventually he ran out of bullets, but by then my friend had shown up and gotten rid of it herself. This could be a fun, simple problem to show in a really dramatic fashion.

Idea 2: The Award Ceremony

My senior year in high school I was competing for my tenth year in Destination Imagination. My team had worked really hard and we were hoping to go to the State competition for our final year, but we only made second place at regionals (the first place team was a freshman team from our school!). I was heartbroken and cried through the rest of the ceremony, until they got to special awards and awarded us with medals for our exceptional skit and teamwork.

Idea 3: Hugs?

I had a friend in high school who was a little odd and loved surprising people. He absolutley refused to ever give me a hug, but I got him to promise to give me one the last day of school. He kept his promised.... by running at me from across the breezeway and tackling me. I imagine this as some kind of western-style quick draw.

I am probably going with my first idea, but I welcome any feedback! Thanks guys!


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