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Zoe Allen

Self-taught illustrator/designer/hand-letterer




Hi everyone,

This was a fun project, I really like this exercise! I chose to make a postcard for Melbourne, Australia, the place where I gew up. It's a great, multifaceted city with grandeur from the Gold Rush era, hipster quirkiness and colour in the laneways and shiny skyscrapers. I wanted this postcard to reflect all those different Melbournes.



 Although I started off with calligraphic script, I ended up choosing the serif font because it felt more fun and I think a stronger design. I put the photo into Photoshop (still scannerless atm!) and drew over it using the pen tool. 

The Aussie sky is (almost) always a really strong blue, and that relfected off the river and all the blue glass of the skyscrapers makes Melbourne really, well, blue! I wanted to use gold flourishes as a reference to the Victorian Gold Rush times.


The green of the typeface is a bit too neon, so I played around with the colours until I found something that sort of worked. I also added a paper texture and a gaussian blur to give it texture.


Feel free to comment! :)


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