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Melbourne, Australia - Retail & People


The reason I decided to take part in this course is 2 reasons really. The first being that for my job, I have been assigned the task of taking some retail related photos than can be used in the business (we create training packages for retailers). Secondly, I have always been interested in photography and had recently bought a nifty little Canon G12, I enjoy general people watching - when I can sit still.

I moved to Melbourne (from Perth) 5 years ago now, and I love the little details of the city. There's something to be found in every corner and I never get sick of just looking around.

Now, so far I have only watched Video #1. And like I said, I had to focus some of my attention on shops and windows for work. I was having a love/hate relationship with reflections in shop windows!!! They are so annoying sometimes but can also add an interesting element.

I would love feedback, from anyone. I would love to know if you like one photo in particular and why, or if you think I've really hit the mark somewhere.


Image #1 - one of the nicest little streets to shop in the city

Image #2 - This guy was amazing

Image #3 - I like this photo but something is not quite right and I can't put my finger on it

Image #4 - Melbourne's GPO now a shopping centre

Image #5 - reflections working in my favour?

Image #6 - 

Image #7 - down my street

Image #8 - these two

Image #9

Image #10

Image #11

Image #12

Image #13 - Flinders Street Station

Image #14

Image #15

Image #16

Image #17

Image #18


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