Melanie tries to make two abstract paintings, gets greedy for art and ends up with twice as many.

I'm working my way through all these abstract elements classes (I've watched them all already and I am so fired up and eager to paint.

I decided to start with Miro because I've loved his work since we saw a really cool exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture park a couple of years ago. I only intended to paint a set of two, inspired by 'Dancer' but I had so much fun I decided to do another pair.

I really wish I had put on a couple of coats of gesso because these mini canvases were really cheap and my paint marker kinda dragged on the surface of them and spluttered a little.  

The second painting I used for inspiration for my second pair was 'Ladders cross the blue sky in a wheel of fire'.  I felt that the colours used made a nice match with the feel of the first ones.

I haven't been painting for very long and I'm really happy with how these came out.  The colours that Miro used are just so joyful, it made me happy just getting to paint in that same colour palette


Update 10th of August:  So being happy with these pieces I thought I would be moving on to one of the other artists we're exploring in these lessons, but it seems that my exploration of Miro is still not complete.   Nicole, what you say about your sketchbook is true- my sketchbook is filled with Miro style doodles and now plans for an original piece in that style.  

UPDATE: 18th August: This Miro inspired piece is one that is deeply personal to me.  The finished piece is not my best work, and if it was any other piece I would keep working on it, but I found this verry painful to work on.  I don't necessarily want to shy away from pain in my work, however completing this was cathartic so I don't think dwelling on it longer is right for me right now. 

'She spins her dreams in the morning light, then weaves them into a cloth of sorrow.'



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