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January 11, 2014 - Copy!

Took longer than I expected, but the results are also better than I expected.

I didn't really pay attention much to the parts. Just used the grid and eyeballed it. As always, my M is a bit wonky. It saddens me that the most difficult letter for me to write/draw is the first letter of my name. More practice.

I would love to do this with some other letters and other typefaces.

January 10, 2014 - Initials

So I made my initials out of my scarf and the stationery in my pen case.

This was fun. I might try to make the whole alphabet. Though I foresee some problems with each. Plus my Instagram is going to be flooded. Maybe a long term project.

January 9, 2014 - Brands and Logotypes

Easily my favorite store in Japan: Loft. They sell stationery, bedding, kitchen stuff, household goods, and an assortment of other wonderous things. Their signature yellow bags have this logo in black and it is hard to miss. The bright yellow and the bold slab font feels strong, but the small "o" keeps things playful. 

I don't remember my first impression of this logo, but it now symbolizes cool stuff and an empty wallet.


January 9, 2014 - Ten words, ten typefaces. Times four. (I'm indecisive and pretty much a hoarder.)

For the first two sets, I went the traditional route. (Typefaces underneath in the order of 1-sporty, 2-beautiful, 3-simple, 4-loud, 5-traditional, 6-childlike, 7-ugly, 8-danger, 9-futuristic, 10-flirty)

(1 Avenir-Medium Oblique, 2 Snell Roundhand, 3 Helvetica-Light, 4 Draconian Typewriter, 5 Baskerville, 6 Optima-Italic, 7 Analog, 8 Capture it, 9 CicleFina, 10 Zapfino)

(1 Santagravita, 2 Avenir Next-Ultralight, 3 Gurmukhi MN, 4 Luckiest Guy-Regular, 5 Copperplate-Bold, 6 Clear Typewriter, 7 Makiba Font, 8 JMLetter, 9 Nemoy Medium, 10 Savage Let Plain)

Then I went for an opposite feel:

(1 Ohisama Font, 2 Pig, 3 Kingthings Spikeless, 4 Cochin-Italic, 5 Graziano, 6 Times New Roman PSMT, 7 Didot-Italic, 8 Helvetica Neue-Ultralight, 9 Ewert-Regular, 10 Chunk Five)

And then I went in a different direction. Each of these invoked a story or memory in me.

(1 Monoton-Regular, 2 KFhimaji, 3 Remington Noiseless, 4 Codystar, 5 Orbitron-Light, 6 Strato-linked, 7 Copperplate-Light, 8 Clubland, 9 Chalkduster, 10 Damascus)


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