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Scotty Megga





Brand name: Meggalif

Slogan: For The True Love Collection it's "Till Death Do Us."

Mission Statement: Fine Art, Fine Garments. I want to turn your closet into an art gallery. 






New concepts I'm working on 2/26/2016:


Meggalif presents: The True Love Collection. Till Death Do Us. Price range: $25-$50 depending on shirt.


Preparing some CADs for a winter drop. I definitely want to drop a hoodie. These aren't complete, just the first part of my process. 


"Rorschach" All over print concept. I've done a shirt with dye sublimation before but it wasn't an all over print (Temptation) so I'm eager to try something. Front and back of course. 


Just completed a collaboration with the photographer Cameron Davis and model Brittany Colombo. "MEDUSA" will be avialble printed on t-shirts and Giclee prints soon at


Working on new Capital Vices pieces! 


Please take a minute to read what I wrote below. The picture right beneath these words is just a picture of my previous collection called The Capital Vices Collection. I enrolled in this class to try something new and develope my new collection in a group of peers so that I could gain soemthing from the feedback and give feedback to others and hopefully learn a thing or two from Jeff Staple. So when the class starts you will see all new work from me and not work that I've already done in the past that I'm trying to pass off as new. Also Instagram users follow me if you want to see more, just click this link.


Hey guys. I put my work out under the name Meggalif, that's me. Most people that I know call me either Megga or Lif. That's the way it's been for 13 years. I didn't really think it was possible to start a brand with just me, one person. I figured that starting a brand would require a team of people all handling different aspects so I decided to just put out different collections with titles that sort of describe the work within that collection all under the umbrella of the name Meggalif. I enrolled in this online class to help me to get started on my second collection. Tentatively titled The True Love Collection. My first collection is titled The Capital Vices Collection, so I figured I'd share my previous work to see what you guys think. Ya'll can check out what I have now at I'll be uploading photos of models wearing my work that do not appear on the website as well. I just sent a couple of chop tops to Justene Jaro so hopefully i'll be able to share those pics with ya'll as well soon. As soon as the class officially starts I'll be deleting the Capital Vices Collection's photos and replacing it with all new work. I don't just want to act like all the stuff out is new, I want to take what I learn here on Skillshare and from Jeff Staple and apply it to my second collection and see how my second collection improves or differs. In this business and field there is ALWAYS something new to learn and I love learning. I know a lot as I made my first shirt in 2003 but I'm far from a know it all type. I can't wait to get started on my new collection and see where this class takes me creativily. For the Capital Vices collection I had a rule that I would only use black and white, sometimes I feel that limiting yourself in certain aspects can help force you in new creative directions.

The lovely Minh <- (click the link to see more of her wearing my work) in the Devour Beauty chop top.


The exquisite Patricia in the Pyramid Skull sweater. 


My first t-shirt design ever as seen in the Army of The Pharoahs music video "Tear It Down".


Devour Beauty hoodie.


Temptatiion shirt, a collaboration with the model/photographer Ira Chernova. I love collaborating with other artists/models/photographers and plan to do a lot more of it. 


I put out a mixtape a while back for my first collection Capital Vices, Cover art by me. Listen to the first track by clicking the link: "Capital Vices" (Ain't Nothin' To Fuck Wit) 

I had Action Bronson shouting the line out before he dropped that album with Statik Selektah plus a few other hip hop greats since this line and my work is influeneced by what I love/live HIP HOP. -Click the link to listen. 

I def listen to other types of music no doubt but hip hop is what I am. If anybody wants me to send them a link for the download just email me at [email protected] I'll def re-upload it for download once I get the time. Peace. 


Unfortunetly the links on the back of the mixtape are outdated. I decided to change my online website's address to



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