Megan Downing

Megan Downing - student project

Oh man Andy, thank you so much for this class, it has been blowing my mind going through it & making the pinterest boards and finding the patterns. I feel like without you I never would have discovered some of them in a million years, so yay! :) I can only imagine how much more 'right' things will start to feel when I start digging into new projects soon :) 

My Experiences Board:

Megan Downing - image 1 - student project

My Experiments Board:

Megan Downing - image 2 - student project

My Tastes Board:

Megan Downing - image 3 - student project

My Identity Board:

Megan Downing - image 4 - student project

My Master Board:

Megan Downing - image 5 - student project



I already knew I liked making cute, happy little 3D characters, but the awesome newer-to-me patterns that I found were:

- That having unexpected/quirky elements make the characters so much more interesting & fun to me 

- I noticed from the pinterest boards that the cute/quirky art that I had always just thought was fun & random actually made me feel at home / comforted. They were silly & unexpected & made me smile & feel at ease. It's so special to me because that is big on my heart lately - to encourage people & spread unforseen joy. So once I felt such *warm fuzzy* feelings from other people's similar work, I realized that my creations have the potential to make people feel that way too.

- Also I noticed that a lot of the pieces I was drawn to in my own work & in my pinterest boards had more than one character in it - where you feel a bond  / togetherness vibe. Sometimes even a romance. & this one really surprised me, as I often have just made single-character designs, so I am excited to explore that idea in upcoming projects.

- And lastly, I realized that I am a sucker for non-human things doing human-like things in a goofy & joyful & unexpected way

Knowing about these patterns really opens my eyes to endless new possibilities. I can't wait to get working on new art & seeing where these patterns guide me. I feel like there is even more to discover once I start experimenting with things & making some 'rules' & such :)


Endless thanks to you, Andy, I am forever grateful to you for not only this class but your podcast & the amazing things you say like "We've got to fight to make potential goodness real." (or something along those lines) I need to write that where I can see it all the time - seriously- so good.