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Megafounder - Pledge1

We are going to test the Pledge page of Private Beta.

Megafounder helps entrepreneurs and businesses to get financed by their customers turning them into their "founders" ( Quick Catch: Kickstarter for Spain )

Become a founder of awesome projects in Megafounder and get rewarded for that!


Pledge page is a critical one in the pledging process by the potential founders of a projects. If they get confused or they didn't find quickly the action they want to perform, they will drop the site. 

Also is a page where the site is able to "drive" the potential founders of a project to set higher pledges than the previous "thought" one. 



Intro: (example intro is great enough)

As I mentioned, we provide a funding  platform for business projects and entrepreneurs. We are working on some improvements on the site and we would love to hear some feedback from you. From real users and crowdfunding supporters.

One thing I want to make clear up front is that we’re testing our designs, not you. You can’t do anything wrong here, and negative responses are sought out just as much as positive responses.

As view the site, I’m going to ask you as much as possible to try to think out loud – to say what you’re looking at, what you’re trying to do, and what you’re thinking. This will be a big help to us.

Also, please don’t worry that you’re going to hurt our feelings. We’re doing this to improve our product, so we need to hear your honest reactions.

If you have any questions along the way, just ask. I may not be able to answer them right away, since we’re interested in how people do when they don’t have someone sitting next to them to help. But if you still have questions when we’re done I’ll try to answer them then. And if you need to take a break at any point, please just let me know.

Waivers ( i think this example was great )

With your permission, I’m going to be recording what happens on the screen and our conversation today. The recording will only be used to help us figure out how to improve the site, and it won’t be seen by anyone except the people working at the platform on this project. And it helps me because I don’t have to take as many notes.

This form just says that we have your permission to record you, and that the recording will only be seen by the people working here on the project.

  • Ask the participant to read and sign the permission form
  • Start screen/audio recording
  • I’d also like to ask you to sign this form which says you promise not to talk about we’re showing you today with anyone, since it hasn’t been made public yet.
  • Ask the participant to read and sign the NDA

Intro Questions: (we will select only crowdfunding backers and creators to run the test)

  • What’s your occupation - what do you do most days?
  • How much time do you generally spend online?
  • What do you do online?
  • What are some of your favorite websites, and what do you like about them?
  • What do you know about Crowdfunding?
  • Have you ever pledged in a crowdfunding campaign? Which one?
  • How many crowdfunding projects have do you pledge to?
  • Which was your average contribution in each one?
  • Did you pledge more money than the reward minimum pledge? Why? How much in average?
  • Did you wonder about selecting multiple rewards instead of a sole one?
  • Which is your favorite payment method? Why?
  • Which was your payment method?
  • What do you think about kickstarter?
  • Which platform do you think is the most intuitive and user friendly? Why?
  • Which is your favorite browser? Why?

First impressions

Great. Now, let’s get ready to take a look at those websites ( / / ) the user don't know which interface are testing.

You have $25 credit to pledge in one project of each site so feel free to navigate in each website and find your favorite projects.

Feel free to scroll if you’d like.

● Allow this to continue for 3 or 4 minutes

How do you feel about those sites, which one gave you the best impression?

I’m now going to ask you to focus on some specific parts of the page. Again, as much as possible, please try to think out loud as you go along.

Given your interest in the crowdfunding industry as a backer / creator , suppose you have to pledge in 3 different projects with our credit, one project of each platform.

How will you perform this?

● Allow the participant to spend a couple minutes exploring the page and verbalizing their thoughts.

● If the participant hasn’t landed on a Megafounder project, ask the user to go inside one random project

  • How do you feel about the location of the project reward? Pledge button?
  • Will you pledge to this project? Why?
  • What do you think the button with the star might do? ( remind me button )

Okay, great. Now let’s go to pledge and become a founder of this project

● Observe their behaviour in all the pledging process....

  • Will you pledge more money than the minimum reward pledge?
  • What do you think about selecting more than one reward?
  • What do you think about selecting more than one unit of each reward?
  • Do you have any further doubts?
  • Imagine you have doubts, how you will ask for help?


Great. Now let’s go ahead and continue to the payments page....

Let the user think how to go there.....

  • How do you think about the pledging process?
  • How do you typically go from here to payments?
  • How do you think you could go back and modify you pledge?
  • Did you feel secure about this site and giving sensitive information?


  • Do you preffer this pledging process above other site ( kickstarter / indiegogo)? Why?
  • What is the most valuable asset when pledging? (process)
  • Which one gave you the most confidence about giving your payment information? Why?
  • Which one did you feel more intuitive and user friendly?





  • Nice design and clean interface
  • Very visual and atractive projects
  • Colours are cool and the button is visible
  • Cool and good first impression


  • Confussing pledge process: People think 1st about 1 ( how much do you wanna pledge? ) Not about which reward do you want to choose.
  • They find much more logical kickstarter or indiegogo-like pledge process.



We have mantained the main style and info architecture of the page, but switching the order of the pledge process to a kickstarter or indiegogo like one.


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