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Hi everyone. I've been wanting to draw comics for a long time, just to take small breaks from the more detailed large dotwork drawings I usually make, but it wasn't untill I signed up on Skillshare and took this class that I actually got the proper motivation to do something :) I constantly have a lot of ideas stuck in my head that would be perfect for comics, but I think I still need to learn a lot...

So here's my first try at an actual comic strip after taking some of Christine's classes. The initial thumbnail sketches and panel layouts were drawn on a piece of paper and I then sketched out the ideas on my iPad Pro using Procreate and Apple Pencil.

The idea obviously came in one of many dull meetings where I was the only one who didn't bring a laptop, and thus the only one not jabbing away at their keyboard after ten minutes...


Here are some of the first panel sketches.



Making these sketches in Procreate really got me acquainted with the app so I decided to do the inking of the linework in Procreate as well.


As you can see a few adjustments were made here and there but overall I was pretty happy with the sketches I made so I tried to follow those as close as possible during the inking. At this point I started thinking about the final lines of text that I wanted to include and this was a lot more difficult than I would have thought! I realized I had come up with way too much text and had to strip it down to the absolute minimum that's necessary to understand the comic.


Initially I wanted to do the coloring in Procreate as well, but I switched over to Photoshop for that pretty quickly since I'm a lot more acquainted with it and the coloring I did in Procreate just felt too dull and boring. I also lacked some options of finetuning the colors in an easy way so it would've taken me hours to do all the coloring in Procreate. I also change my mind a lot when it comes to coloring and Photoshop gives me a lot more control over the final image using levels and curves adjustments.

To finish it I added some textures over the image and made some extra 'sketchy' lines for the panel borders in Illustrator. I also added the text and speechbubbles in Illustrator. here it is, my first ever comic strip :) I'm really curious what you think about it, and if the message (and the frustration) is clear! I'm looking forward to your feedback!


- Sven De Bruyne


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