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Meeting People Is Hard

A little play on the title of the Radiohead movie... :)

Some background on me:
- I'm a self-taught photographer. I initially started off trying to teach myself using vintage film cameras I had picked up at flea markets and garage sales that looked way too cool to be tossed out. After doing some reading online and running a few rolls through, i fell in love with being able to capture random moments on film.

- Despite finding a lot of enjoyment in film photography, my learning curve was a bit too slow for my liking, so I invested in a Pentax K-5 which I thoroughly enjoy (especially after using the K1000 as one of my learning cameras). Grasping the ISO / aperture / shutter speed relationship was a lot easier with the instant feedback.

- I've always been a people-watcher, and so i obviously was drawn to street photography. Though I've little experience with it other than what I've done on my own time, I mostly did the type Ben refers to as 'taking' and even tried the 'shooting from the hip' method, but felt a bit too uncomfortable with that way of doing things. This is the first time I've actually approached people and asked if I could take their photo.

Due to a sudden change in the weather here, it has been a bit hard to find people out walking, and after approaching the majority of them, the number who refused a picture was just a little more than those willing to pose. I was surprised at the number who turned me down.

The first shots here are of 2 mormon girls who approached me and asked if I would listen to their message, so I traded them my ear for their photo - they were both more than willing and almost flattered by my request:

The third is of a butcher who barbeques sausages all day long on the street corner in front of his shop. He's a chatty, social guy and was happy enough to let me take his picture as well.

One of the things I found I had trouble with was composition. I would love some suggestions on better framing, or even cropping in post. The shots below are what the originals looked like. I realize a lot of them are dead centre and lacking some interest.

Originals, pre-cropping:

Below are a few pictures that I took in the fall during a small street festival:

And these are some shots taken at a parade this winter:

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