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Meet Your Maker, JC design

My name is Sam, Im new to graphic designing and I love it. Its difficutl though theres so much to learn, I'm barely starting out and though this would help me gain more skills.  I chose to do my project on Johnny Cupcakes I feel like I know  the brand pretty well to work with it.  

Of course starting out I knew the design had to do something with baking or somewhere along the lines with it.  I love boxing and MMA type things so i thought of a fight pose kind of design. Like how the fighters take a picture with thier opponent before the fight. I thought it would just make sense to have a cupcake as one fighter, and whats better than using Johnny Cupcakes own mascot styled character dressed up as a baker as the opponent.  

I tried sketching out the ideas, getting postures right. (Im not very good at sketching) Once i got comfortable with it I opened it up on Photoshop and tried to feel it out there a little too.I once again practiced the postures and tried to get shapes and ideas down. 

Now I started doing the actual desing, I tried making everything look a little tough and ready to fight. So I made the cupcake cartoon styled but kind of give it a bulky, stocky fighter.

Then I did a lot of research on the mascot and what he looks like while giving it my own creativity. A while back i saw Johnny Cupcakes post a picture on his instagram with him wearing a bakery outfit, I used that for reference. JC is usually happy and smiles all the way so i had a little trouble making the baker look tough, the mascot just looked wierd looking angry so i tried still give a slight smile. It gave a "come at me" look, which I ended up liking.I also thought it be nice to through on the crossbones logo on the hat. 

Now I tried to piece everything together and put in the name Johnny Cupcakes with another crossbones logo.  My friend whose helped me alot on tips, to try and be simple and stick to 3-4 colors max so i stayed using only black, red, and white.  I placed them in the fight stances like the boxers/UFC fighters do before the fight.


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