Meet Sky, my new OC!

Meet Sky, my new OC! - student project

Come and meet Sky, my new Original Character!

I decided to create Sky for two reasons:

- To illustrate my process while creating a new character

- To use for a series of illustrations, that will follow the prompt list created by Instagram artist @knightjj for their challenge #misadventuremay

As my process is shown during the lesson, I wanted to give out a bit more details on the actual character I created:

Sky is a mysterious young traveler, that has the looks of a teenager but whose age and past are unknown. 

Friendly to all, he has a lots of cute sides, but do not be fooled! He seems to have a liking for dangerous situations, knows his way around knives like no other and looks extremely scary when mad (which is rarely).

He has bright blonde hair, blue-green eyes and fair skin. His outfit was loosely inpired by Icelandic and Inuit culture (which in turn inspired the name "Sky" which is "cloud" in Icelandic). 

He is presently dwelling in a region of low mountain ranges and Central European feel.

Meet Sky, my new OC! - image 1 - student project

I went with a simple set up for the OC sheet, as I wanted to leave room for mystery in my character's back-story...

I hope you'll enjoy creating your character and I cannot wait to see what they'll look like!

Segolene Chapin
Illustrator / Environmental Scientist