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Meet Michael

I just graduated college last week with a degree in screenwriting and also completed filming this, my first claymation. Meet Michael, this is his life now and probably mine. I decided to take this class because I was curious how stop motion worked and haven't done anything like this before. Hope this little guy inspires a laugh.


There is this video by Lee Hardcastle that stuck out to me on his vine account that gave me the idea for this video. Here's the link:

I loved how seemless the movement was. I thought the concept of this guy infinitely being splashed on was hilarious, so I concocted my own version. I have never sculpted before so I turned to another Youtube account I love,, and learned what I could from his sculpting tutorials. 


Here is my very rudimentary idea sketched out. The camera angle changed and I did away with the shovel.


After I knew what I wanted, I bought some cardboard and some little light bulbs and spent a few days figuring it all out. Here is what came of it. 

The link to my Vine:

I also posted it on Instagram:


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