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Carolina Frandsen P Costa

Biologist + Ilustrator



Meet Annie

Hi everyone!

This was a really funny class to take. Since I don't have access to a printer, I've decided to draw the contour of the faces by hand before the Speed Drawing videos, and wrote the names of the expressions previously. That's why most of the words are under her hair. When I started the 5 faces from the core project, I realized that I could use the hair as an additional expressions indicative for the exercise.


For the main 5 faces, I just marked the shape of the hair and expressions with a pen. Then, to the next 15, I used a purple brush pen to draw the hair, so it would be super quick to fill them. The colors for tongues and skin were added as soon as I finished all of the expressions, also with markers. 

I'm taking part of the session 'Illustrating Science with Charm', and decided to start by this project.

Thanks for this class, Christine!


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