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Meerkat brand mark

Hi all,

I have decided to use a Meerkat for my brand mark, horses are usually my first choice when it comes to animals, but I thought I would try something more out of my comfort zone and Meerkats are adorable.

I started by finding some appropriate images from the net for my moodboard, which was harder than I originally thought, Meerkats seem to pose it lots of interesting positions! 

I then started some sketches (I only had some household baking paper on hand), trying to simplify my sketch and experiment with different lines and combinations. I found it was important to keep the shape of the head more defined, otherwise it started to look like a Kangaroo. Below are some examples.

After choosing my final sketch I began the transformation in Illustrator. My original has morphed slightly as the refining process goes on, I have also dropped some minor features to make it more simplistic. In the third version, I have eliminated the ear and focused more on the lines accentuating the arm and legs.

Now its time for gridding! I haven't done this before, so its a bit of trial and error. 

Below is the before and after gridding.



So keeping on the Meerkat theme, I am going with the letter 'M' for my letter mark. I basically followed the same process as before, trying to create a few more sketches this time and create a cleaner final sketch to put into illustrator.

I chose my favorite concept, took a photo and traced it in Illustrator. I got a bit carried away and did some others as well!

And some of my other concepts...


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