Meditative Mermaid.

Meditative Mermaid. - student project

Mehreen Qudosi



Meditative Mermaid. - image 1 - student project

I had 'Alone in Kyoto' playing as I was trying to decide between 'quiet' or 'loud', and the soothing sounds of Air made me go with the former!

There are some snippets of waves crashing on the shore at the end of this tune, and it reminded me of how quiet and still the ocean can be (as long as you avoid the spring breakers!).

I started thinking about mermaids and sea life, and how peaceful and literally quiet it must be underwater - you know that feeling of total zen you get when you're swimming under the surface? Sounds become mottled, and all you can hear is your heartbeat. It's similar to deep meditation - that's where the mermaid's hand mudras (poses) come into play, as well as her bindi. 

Pretty soon, the ebb and flow of the tide became synonymous with the word 'quiet', since there's a lulling aspect to it. The jellyfish, kelp, etc are tools to show the motion. 

I threw some fish in there, in case I want to use them as a sheer pattern later on. We'll see.