Meditations in an Emergency

Meditations in an Emergency - student project

As a beginner, I set out by following the gestures literally: when Mr. Joyner mixed paint, I mixed paint. When he dabbed, I dabbed in sort of the same spot. Then we waited.

Meditations in an emergency, as Frank O’Hara would say.

I really didn’t know what I was doing.

I repeated that process, made several studies until I understood more why we were doing things the way we were. What look out for, how fades and edges make the shapes.  

 Meditations in an Emergency - image 1 - student project


Then I felt more prepared to do my own version. I first did some tiny sketches for colour and composition; these are imaginary flowers. I made some notes on the mixes, before attempting this version.

 Meditations in an Emergency - image 2 - student project

 Meditations in an Emergency - image 3 - student project



There are quite a few flaws in the composition, but the choices are mine. What I learnt: how to wait, how to do glass; how to see shapes; how more or less judiciously to apply white gouache; how to wait.   

I used expensive cotton paper, which more generously supports this watercolour technique, for sure. I’ll just have to do the collage course next, as I’ll have plenty of practice attempts to recycle. I’d like to try see if I can try using references -  maybe real flowers - and make more studies on value and composition. I'm thoroughly enjoying this.