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Beth Bloomfield

meditation teacher, life coach & writer



Meditation for People Who Think They Can't Meditate!




CLASS TITLE:  Meditation for People Who Think They Can't Meditate!


Perhaps you've tried a meditation class, or read instructions on how to meditate online or in a book or magazine, or listened to a guided meditation CD.  You probably looked forward to all the feel-good you THOUGHT you'd get from meditation.

Meditation sounds great, right?  A few moments of quiet.  A sense of calm.  Increase your creativity and productivity.  Lower your blood pressure.  Connect to the universe and your sense of your purpose.  What's not to love, right?

The truth is, while the act of meditation is simple, and the results of meditation are miraculous, for most people the actual PROCESS of meditation can be... uncomfortable, frenetic, discouraging, cheerless, boring, or even downright painful.

So how do you survive the process in order to reap the benefits?  This class will help you through it!


Make a One Week Meditation Pledge

Print and use the attached document to design your first week of meditation practice.  This project will help you make it real. 

Upload your completed pledge. 

[PLEASE NOTE - THE FOLLOWING WILL BE IN AN ATTACHMENT IN THE ACTUAL CLASS, with blank space after each point for them to write!]

My Seven-Day Meditation Pledge

  1. What time of day will I meditate each day? It’s best if you can meditate at the same time each day, and if you can choose a time when you will have the most quiet possible.  Tradition says the early morning hours – one-and-a-half hours before sunrise – are optimal.  But let’s be real!  That just doesn’t work for everyone.
  2. What will be the location for my daily meditation? Remember to pick an area that will be clean, clear of clutter, and will offer as much quiet as possible.
  3. What equipment/decorations will I utilize in my meditation area? What will I sit on – a chair, the floor, a beanbag, a bench?  Will I decorate with any objects of beauty and inspiration – pictures of deities or a beautiful landscape, flowers, a candle, incense, a bell to ring at the start and end of my session?  Do I want a soft rug underneath me?  Will I have any props on hand to make sitting easier and/or more comfortable – cushions/pillows, a shawl (in case it’s cold), an eye mask (to block out light), blankets or yoga blocks (to support my knees, or sit on to tilt my pelvis forward)?  Do I want to use an egg timer from the kitchen, or a timer app, or an alarm clock to time my meditation? 
  4. What will I wear for my daily meditation? If possible (and it’s fine if you can’t, or really don’t want to do this step!), it’s great to have a designated set of comfortable clothing you wear for meditation.  Like many of these steps, it’s all part of signaling your mind that now it’s time to settle down and meditate (just like putting on pajamas helps small kids prepare to sleep!).  White is a tradition in some meditation cultures, but any colors you’re drawn to are fine.
  5.  For this seven day meditation pledge, what length of time will I meditate each day? Five to fifteen is recommended for beginners.  Remember, this is just a place to start!  After the seven days, you can extend the length of your meditations by adding five minutes a week until you find your sweet spot.  Twenty minutes a day is a good daily goal for most.

Optional Bonus!

If you're not feeling too shy, you can also upload a picture of your chosen meditation area (you can be in the pic, or not!).  Your sharing of your chosen practice and your chosen place for meditation will inspire others.

Overachiever's Bonus!

If you're feeling really inspired, create something that expresses and captures your EXPERIENCE of meditation after completing your seven-day meditation practice. It might be a poem, a collage of words and images clipped from magazines, a short video, a song, a short story, etc., and upload it here to let us all know what it was like for you and light the way for others on this adventure known as meditation!


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