Meditation for Beginners - Learn several simple, easy techniques to relax your mind and body.

When I was 17 years old, (in 1975),  there was a hypnotist at my senior prom.  I was amazed at what I saw my friends doing under hypnosis and just had to understand how it worked.  I bought a book on self hypnosis and started using the techniques and it worked the very first time I tried.  I was hooked !

The physical relaxation feeling was like if you had had a great workout or a long day of physical activity and  took a long relaxing hot shower or hot tub.  I felt so peaceful and excited that I could feel this good physically by simply guiding my thoughts in a certain way.

As time went on, it became easier and easier to get into this relaxed state, in as little as a few minutes time.

Once at this point, the question then became, now what?  What can I do from here?
That's when I learned that there's a whole new world behind our eyes.  A world of intuition, where information can be obtained by means outside of what I previously knew, (ie. the five senses, standard educational materials, etc.)

I discovered that anything was possible when you are in the right 'belief' mindset.  Living in South Philadelphia, it's sometimes impossible to find a parking space, especially in the evenings. With my new found 'belief', started imagining parking spots at my destination before I arrived and was successful on 13 of the first 14 attempts!  Holy cow!  What else is possible?

Well, I could tell you but I'd rather teach you some simple techniques so that you can begin to experience for yourself, things you may never have believed you could do before.  Direct experience helps you understand so much better than just hearing about it.

So, open your mind and get ready to begin the journey of your life today!

WARNING:  Once you begin to experience your own, personal higher self, your life will be forever changed for the better.  You will never look back!  Your limits are set only by your imagination and creativity. Use wisely.

Take this class ONLY if you're ready to upgrade your life.

Hope to see you on the inside.



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