Meditation Journal

Date: 13/04/2020

Time: 11:45am

Duration: one minute

Highlights: Making a start in trying to focus on my breathing,however my mind did wander so tomorrow I will try again to engage more and bring breathing back to my main focus.



Time: 7.15am

Duration: one minute * twice

Highlights: This morning I got up to watch the sunrise at Coogee so I did one minute by the waves which was relaxing but a little noisy and one minute when I got home to ease myself as I could feel I was getting anxious. Overall was a good morning and a good start to the day. A lot more relaxed now.



Time: 5:30am

Duration: one minute

Highlights: Woke up earlier for work this morning so I could get meditation in. Found it hard to switch off as i was thinking of the day ahead however kept going back to my breathing and was a positive start to my day. will do another minute or two before bed tonight.



Time: 7.35pm

Durartion: Two minutes

Highlights. I was actually looking forward to it. added another minute. Would have preferred if i would have included it this morning but had a disruptive sleep. has helped ease current  financial strain. Overall improving 


Date: 17/04/2020

Time:10.00 pm

Duration: One minute

Highlights: huge set back yesterday with feelings of anxiety , was not in my best form starting the day, received good feedback from my work performance which completely changed my mind set and felt gratitude again. busy afternoon which led to only one minute of meditation of which i was distracted.


Date: 18/04/2020

Time: 10.00am

Duration: Three minutes.

Highlights: Positive mindset today. Completed three minutes this morning, feel refreshed from yesterdays set backs. still mind wanders just going back to nose being in present moment. shake off anxiety