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Meditation Controlled ORB

At Last!

A New Way To Teach Meditation in Half the Time

The ORB is a wirelessly connected meditation platform to measure and track the depth of your meditation.

It provides real time feedback by measuring changes to your physiology during meditation.

The health benefits from meditation have been exploding in the media.

Here's just a small portion of the benefits from meditation shown in the past few years:

  • slowing age related thinning of the prefrontal cortex
  • increasing focus
  • dulling the perception of pain
  • building willpower

So why aren't we all meditating?

Why Society Needs Meditation Now

Our technology in the past few decades has exploded, allowing us to manage incredibly large amounts of information, and to connect with an increasingly large amount of people.

But these social networks and search engines have largely forgotten about the machines creating these advances. Our minds have not changed fundamentally, and we need better tools to manage the explosion of distractions we face from all this new stimulation.

Why This Platform

Nine months ago, I built the very first prototype to measure and track meditation. It used an Arduino, and off the shelf components to measure changes to physiology during meditation. For three months, I tried hundreds of different meditation techniques, while measuring the changes in my physiology to see which gave the largest, most measurable changes.

With the results of this research, I build the first iPhone app to incorporate a wireless Bluetooth LE heart rate monitor to measure and track meditation. Buddha Mind exploded on release day, with over 4,000 visitors within the first few hours of release.

But the iPhone and iPad still aren't ideal devices for meditation. Notifications and text messages pop up, and the urge to distraction is too close.

Introducting the ORB

The ORB allows the user to begin exploring what the physiological changes feel like from meditation. This means they can get direct feedback, via changing colors of the ORB, when they've successfully entered a meditative state.


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