Meditation Challenge

Meditation Challenge - student project

Meditation Challenge - image 1 - student project

I regularly practice yoga and I tried meditation several times in the past, but it never really stuck.

Since about 2 months I do yoga every morning and it makes me feel energized and happy. About a month ago I decided to add meditation to my morning routine, also kind of give meditation another try with this class.

I really loved to go through all the lessons, especially because of the voice and the manner of speaking of Dandan Liu. I found her voice very serene and soothing, her instructions clear and comforting and it was actually easy to go through the exercises and relax.

When I started to meditate on my own, I was able to made it through the 5 minute meditations but it got much more difficult when the time increased. I found it difficult to stay in the present, all the time catching myself thinking about the daily chores or recent events. Also my back muscles started to complain in about 7 minutes into the meditation in the sitting pose. Overall, the experience was same as in the past when I tried to meditate and also why I stopped eventually.

Nevertheless I continued and made it to the Day 15 (with some days without meditation in between). To my dismay, it seems for me impossible to go through 15 minutes of meditation without getting lost in my thoughts. Also I get impatient and anxious to begin my working day so I can't focus on the present. 

However, I truly believe in the benefits of a regular meditation practice and I want to keep trying! My experience showed me that I can focus much better when I hear a guiding voice, so I plan to re-watch the guided meditations of this class and I installed an app with a lot of guided meditations so I can try every day something new. Also I will try to meditate lying down or leaning onto a wall so that I won't get distracted by hurting muscles.

Thank you for this class, it motivated me again to do something good for myself!