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Meditating Monk

Here is my process from sketch to final character design...

I couldn't decide on going for some fantasy characters, cyber dudes or some kind of beast thing - so threw down some of each. Am leaning towards the monk or the spider lady. 

Some initial refining to get to know the characters a little better before playing favorites:

Ok, so I chose to refine the monk character a little bit... here is a shot from the variation process, still looks chunky and cartoon-like, but he is beginning to hint at what he might become at some point:

Next up is anatomy fixes and moving towards more realism. I researched a bit on the kung-fu stance, it turned out the foot was wrong and I stumbled upon a nice reference of a heavy set type in said stance - so I started the clean up work from a different angle:

I started detailing this evening; it turns out he is a rather friendly fighting monk, meditating peacefully on his bowl of booze... literally:

As you can see, I still need to do his arms and legs and "push the values" some more - the next and final update will be the finished concept art, fully detailed and on a suitable background:

Meditating Monk, all done :)


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