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Meditate for World Peace in Real Time

IIs there never an end to the violence one against another?

Does not peace begin with one mind, one idea and one voice, yours? 

How do you find that peace? Contemplation through meditation will bring a stillness, and through that stillness comes the knowledge, peace begins with you. 

There never was a war when there was love.

Meditate everyday for five mintues to make a difference in this world. Join in the movement to make a difference. Our thoughts are more powerful than we know. 

 Answer the 11 essential questions that identify your role as a marketer

  • What is Marketing for?

Marketing is the science of learning how to connect with others through the various mediums available. Not all mediums are appropriate. The challenge is to find the correct medium through which to operate to be most effective.

  • What are we allowed to touch?

The life of a person, when we have a message that resonates on a personal level.

  • What can we as marketers measure?

Connecting with people. Online and offline. Online obviously opens the door to eventually connect offline. Both are equally important. The ability to analyze online activity helps but it is the personal reaching that creates the engagement. Building relevant content can provide interaction with people.

  • What can we change?

Our approach must change in the changing world we are living in. This does not mean we must do as everyone esle does. We have to be unique and genuine in our specific way that opens the door to communicate with others.

  • What promise are we going to make?

Our genuineness and honesty in the project and to see it through, even through the difficult times. Always delivering the best and still improving with new ideas.

  • What’s the hard part?

Overcoming the "what if" scenario and being open to rejection.

  • Should your organization be making trends or following trends?

Making trends. It is in the promotion of good ideas that we come together to make a difference.

  • Where is the risk?

There is no risk actually. Only the risk of thinking that the project will fail before it is started.

  • Who is in charge?

We are in charge, since it is an independent idea whose time has come.

  • Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?

Website hosting. Organizing a Meetup Group. Email, Newsletter Campaigns through Mail Chimp.

  • How should we be spending our time?

Creating a realistic approach to marketing our idea. This involves study and review and throwing out all our old ideas that have not worked in the past. This realistic approach though, does not adopt every newly found faddish idea to make it online. It is a carefully thought out approach that specifically caters to the idea. This will inspire us to be enthusiastic, rather than to adopt someone else's idea that is free or perfect, or will work for us in minutes. 


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