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Thomas Witt

I am a self optimizer



Meditate at least 5 minutes every workday

I did not find the "Habit type" quizz. But I am a great believer in creating habits. I am also in the business of helping behaviour change.

I signed up because I took Tiagos GTD course and really liked it and because I read/do/try everything to help me improve my habitforging skills. 

I have tried meditating on a regular basis lots of times and have made it up to streaks of over 30 days. But I have always fallen out of the habit. My intention is to make it stick this time.

My best habit is the 6 o'clock club. Since 2009 me and my 6 o'clock buddy go running every workday at 6 a.m. We call each other (using a headset of course) and talk about "What works, what's missing, what's next". This makes for a great start physically as well as mentally. We have done that consistently and always gotten back on track after illnesses, vacations etc. This habit has been the greatest positive influence in my quality of life. 


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