Medicated Pin

Medicated Pin - student project

I have wanted to build a graphic design portfolio for the longest time. However, life or work always seems to get in the way but now I am committing myself to master illustrator and photoshop. Although I do not know what type of graphic design work I would like to do I have been trying to create as much content as I can. Although this pin might not be the most appropriate... this is just what came to mind after the elections since marijuana seemed to be one of the big winners. 

I wondered a little off course by adding texture and a couple of other things but my main focus was to make it as "clean" as possible and use only 1-2 colors. In the past, a lot of my designs always look a little rookie-ish but I am pleased with this one. There are many things I can continue to fix however, I felt pretty good at this point.

Any feedback is welcomed! Sorry if I offended anyone. 

Medicated Pin - image 1 - student project