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Hi all, I’m Máire Walsh, I’m very passionate about content and I’m a huge fan of Flipboard. I work building, engaging, and monetizing audiences for media companies, primarily magazines:) I used to spend my pocket money (allowance) on magazines so my love of magazines and content has been with me from an early age.

I’m intrigued and excited by all the new Flipboard features and am curious how these tools can build and engage audiences further for publishers while also realizing the potential that Flipboard can offer many different solutions for publishers to monetize content and audiences further. Additionally, I’m obsessed with how Flipboard has turned me into a “publisher”  and that it allows me to showcase my passions while also exposing me to new content and curators.

I’d like to share my Media & Tech magazine. I started this magazine very shortly after the feature was announced. This magazine is a collection of articles that focuses on news, trends, and happenings, as per my tag line. The articles featured have some impact on how the media landscape is changing, new technologies, and general trends in media and tech that impact how audiences are changing while highlighting areas of growth. It is a magazine that embraces the interaction of media & tech.

I hope you enjoy it and welcome feedback.

My best,




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