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Medallions in Polymer

The point of this project is to design repeat patterns that are suitable for construction in polymer clay. All the bits must fit together with no air space between elements. That is, the background elements are constructed of clay, too.

A common technique for color in polymer clay is to use elements that grade from one color to another. I have represented the gradational idea in shading from dark to light on my hand drawn pattern. I haven't colored this in, but will use the B&W version to test out different colorways.

I needed to see the pattern in color to find out if that part of the design was working before I spent the time to clean the image up in Photoshop. I took the element above to the copy shop, made some repeats, and taped them together. Then I got out the watercolors and had a go at a colorway that I'm drawn to. The process showed me that I needed to include a balance of the same colors in the intervening motifs to make it hold together.

I got carried away trying to decide if a dense pattern or open pattern worked better and testing different colorways. I like each one for different reasons, but I promise to focus going forward and take the next project step with just the first one to follow it through.



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