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Erik Miller

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Here is the color version with the specs for PMS colors. I think that's it!


So here's my control drawing without color (still thinking on the PMS specs). I visualize the pack to be open to hold accessories but I'm not really certain as to what just yet. Plus I'm not certain if I want the pack to be part of the sculpt or if I want it to be removable as well.


Now I'm working on iterating the eyeball critter with the backpack. I liked the idea of adding accessories and thought the backpack added a new twist that I hadn't considered. Plus I was able to work through some of the smaller mech details for the legs.

In terms of the all important backstory, I see this creature as a sentry android for a larger race of creatures (possibly another toy line). As the sentry would provide support for the larger creature (items in the backpack) the larger creature would then feed the sentry by dropping food into the sentry's top beak-mouth. So the only way that the sentry can survive is dilligent service to the larger creature.


Time for sketches...

This guy uses a suggestion that I received to go with the eyebacll as the main form with the beak coming out. Not sold on it yet - too Monsters Inc. for me I think.

This one gets more into the ideas I began with and really focuses on the beak as the delivery method - I'd like the eye in this one to be like an old doll's eye, counter-weighted to roll back into the head when tipped.

This one has a wider base and a flatter eye - might have to look at the back of this one for details if I push further.

This guy gets the gear going, but I'm not sure of the legs - tricky weight on this one. I'd like the gear to spin if this is the magic one.

This is sort of my Murakami Academy Award concept. I like the asymmetry to this one.

This one has a backpack...just because I'd like to see a giant eyeball with a backpack.


So now I'm playing with some image pairs just trying to see what might work together.

I like the arch in the hooves and the sphere form of the eye.

I want to see that eye's expression if it's inside of that giant beak.

I like the roundness of the bird's head and the roundness of the gears; lots of repetition creates cohesion.

I flipped the eye photo to make the angle of the open beak and the open eye work together; again wanting to see one inside the other.

I like the clunkiness of the machine with the clunkiness of the hooves; thinking piston-like hooves?

The beak is hard and bulky and the hooves are soft and lithe; I like the contrast.


I want to develop a piece that merges a beak form, mechanics, an eyeball (preferrably inside the beak) and hooves. The mechanics would mainly be surface detail but may have a gear here or there. And the hooves would be my legs and feet. I'm not really interested in arms at this point. I'm thinking of a short lifespan for the creature since the eye is in the mouth and it can't really feed. There's no real order yet, I'm just flowing images right now and sketching.


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