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Jason Mallett

Video Producer / Animator



Meat Liquor

After watching this tutorial I started to think about what on earth I could use for the words... I was pretty hungry and thought hard about what I'd like to eat. i had a craving for the food from a local place here in London called MeatLiquor. 

I found it REALLY difficult using the pen tool in illustrator to create curves for the writing. After many atempts I finally got it to where I wanted.

I then couldn't decide on how much blur to give the "on" state of the word Liquor. It was a choice between these two. I can't even remember which one I decided on.



I also couldn't decided how to have the word MEAT looking whilst it was in it's "off" state. This is how it originally looked;


I decided it was too dark, so lightened it up a bit.

For the word "MEAT" (I admit) I used a tutorial that I had tried out a few years ago, but found it really interesting combining the two.

Anyways, here's the final gif.


Thanks for a great tutorial. It was a brain-firer-upper!

Jason (malletron)


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