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Meandering Design's Brand Story

Facebook- I learned how to edit photo's to add my logo (sometimes it's the little things that matter!) and I posted a call to action on facebook. 


I have always been interested in sustainability. I became a vegetarian when I was 14 because of the environmental impact of the meat industry. 25 years later I am still a vegetarian. My grandparents, especially my grandfather, greatly influenced the way I view materials. Everything was saved to be reused. My grandfather collected aluminum cans before the days of recycling and saved up enough cans to make a downpayment on a car in cash. It was just the way things were done. 

I also worked at a human rights institute and spent a year living in Iraq working on peace and reconciliation, and human rights education. When I came home I started Meandering Design which uses vintage and upcylced materials to make clothing and accesories. I also teach sewing and interior design and I focus on teaching people how to reuse things and do it themselves. 

Meandering Design is made up of the guiding principles that reflect the values of my business, which are: sustainability, community and respect for human rights. I incorporate these ethics into my life and my business. They are what allow me to live a life full of passion, creativity, and curiosity.


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