Mean Girls

Mean Girls - student project

Image - 3/22/13

Mean Girls - image 1 - student project

You know those kids in high school, the ones who love to spread cutting gossip whenever the chance arises. And then there's the unknowing victim, unsure of why she's in the middle of this.

I created a composition that's framed by these 2 looming figures. Their features are sharp (keeping in mind the triangles from the lesson), almost like they're cornering the girl on the floor. The lighting is focused on the poor girl, conveying her deer-caught-in-headlights distress while hinting that she's the subject of their whispers.

Here's my sketch for this...I originally had the two "gossipers" faces but the balance felt off, almost like the story is about them specifically. Cropping it felt so much better and restored the focus to the girl on the ground.

Mean Girls - image 2 - student project

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Yvonne Weng

Web/UX designer in NYC