Meal and Menu Planning For Begginers

Meal and Menu Planning For Begginers - student project

My project is to turn my workshop into a full course. My problem with trying to price my course is that as a nurse I don't earn a huge hourly rate, so I don't know what an acceptable hourly rate is! The second problem with pricing, is that the only thing I have found similar is a short 20 minute video course as part of a blog.

Class was a workshop 3 hours long, for R350 ($23), with handouts and a magnetic menu board. Converting the course is easy and making it longer with more information won't be too big an issue. I plan to launch it in July, as my 1 year blogging aniversary.

Here is what I have decided for my price structure.

The basic course will have 5 modules:

1.How to inventory your pantry

2. How to inventory your fridge and freezer

3 Before you plan, know what the family eats

4 How to create your template

5 What is a balanced meal?

Participants will be given an opportuninty to create their own meal plan and post it to the specially created Facebook group.

My price for this is $27, or R408 depending on the exchange rate! The instalment price $17 or R255 per month for 3 months.

Adrienne Bogatie
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