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Me vs. Indecision

The first advance on indecision began early in the day of Feburary the 9th. By deciding to start this class... A struggly fight - a small but crucial battle won.

Phase 1: Completed

I've discovered something... My ability to 'DO' is in danger! DO must be saved! And i think I know the culprit.. Of course... Indecision!

Phase 2: The First Wave

Which program to use!? I mean, evernote seems pretty cool (for all I know).. I already have Wunderlist - but its not #1 - 'Things' is... but it cost real monies and the interface design isnt "inspiring." Todoist looks nice... It's free - but the organizational aspect isn't as nice as 'Things'.

How will I ever decide what to do if I can't pick an app. for my containers!? Who knows how many open Loops will stay open forever... Give up? No. Battle with wits! and... and stuff.

So.. todoist wins!

Open loops? Easy. Just get em out there.

Where do they go? Sure okay... places. Put them places.

Next Up: Phase 3: The great Unknown


or.. The great organization. I put my things in some places and some references in evernote..

Wasn't totally sure how to organize my evernote to get what I wanted out of it - and still tweeking but figuring it out.

Phase 4: Reviews of things

Going through and cleaning up the scraps - shoving things in cracks to hopefully not be seen till later, burning a thing here and there. But ultimately deciding what is most important now and what can wait.

Tough task.


the. Battle Still wages.

Phase 5: Do stuff.

doing stuff... The constant reminder is pretty good.

Thanks Tiago for the class.


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