Me, duh

Me, duh - student project

I've been needing some sort of avatar to promote myself on social media and stuff, and Ryan did a great job with this class.

The design process was pretty fine, started with a rough and preliminary design, turned out to be pretty inaccurate and in need of a polish. The last step is the some-kind-of-final, but I'm still not 100% happy about it

Design process

The big doubt is about how to reproduce the hair in the best way. I've been using 4pt stokes everywhere, I tried to apply them to the hair as well but it really didn't look good. I've also tried to aplly some rolled ink texture to hair and beard, but still, not entirely happy of the result

Choices, choices

Here you can see some different approaches I've been trying 

Any tips are welcome!


Update. Been working on consistency, using the same stroke weight for everything

That is what I would call a final version

Me, duh - image 1 - student project