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Jessica Hunt




Me and the Moon

I haven't 100% fleshed out the idea for this animation yet, but as I don't have a twin, I decided to make it about my star sign (cancer) and its representing planet (the moon).

Here is my inspiration board:


Sketched out a couple of character ideas.


I decided to go with this one.


Colour pallet. This looked much different on my normal computer screen compared to the wacom screen I was working on so I had to fix this up after...


Nearly finished colouring...


Lightened the background colour and changed the mitten. I am not sure about the mitten colour... I tried pink and teal too but I think it looks best either as skin colour or grey... Opinions?

I'm a little stuck at the moment... I was animating and I accidently clicked something that has caused my timeline to only let me scrub 2 frames at a time. I tried googling how to fix it but I can't find the answer anywhere. Can someone please help me out?

I never figured out how to sort the problem of the 2 frame scrub button, but that's ok I just worked with it anyway...

This was fun. I'm excited to try some more animations like this : )



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