Me and the Monsters

Me and the Monsters - student project

I should have put my excuses aside and done these experiments long time ago. It was super relaxing to let my pen(cil) draw whatever it wants. I was not in charge this time so no worries about "good enough"

I'm literally looking forward to sharing the results of my experiments.  So here we go!

To be honest my left hand really surprised me. I expected to draw much worse than this. My self-portraits are like "before and after make-up" pictures. 

Me and the Monsters - image 1 - student project

I was just flowing with the music while drawing. I had a surgery couple of days ago so I think It's me recovering, physically and mentally. 

Me and the Monsters - image 2 - student project

and I just doodled things, monsterish things coming from a land named Anaesthesia :p

Me and the Monsters - image 3 - student project

I'm there in the picture sitting on a cloud as a dip pen and watching the event and then realise; the event needs to be coloured.

Me and the Monsters - image 4 - student project

It was such a fun journey. 

Thank you,