Me and myself

Me and myself - student project

Hi Ohn Mar, I loved your class and it got me thinking about what I want in life. I have very few pins in my board, but I made a collage from my other boards, because I think this way it's more representative and true than picking up new things that just looks good. 

If you have the time and patience, you can check it out here: Thank you!

I just turned 36 and I am at a point that I have to try doing something creative on my own or... I don't know what. I quit my day job because I just could't take it any more. So I am trying to do some patterns and sketches and watercolour painting and hope to get it right... in time.

I think I know how I want my life to look like: I have a nice house and a nice garden and that's what I want :) I mean, I have this wonderful corner of paradise and I want to stay here and create and enjoy it every day, with my family and my dogs. I don't want to leave in the morning to work from a closed, dreadful office, to loose precious hours in traffic and pollution, to get home tired and stressed, to fix a quick dinner and look at a neglected garden in the moon light. And I don't want to work my self to burn out for someone else, for a scarce income, anymore. 

I knew I have a talent for drawing since I was a little girl, but I would refuse to go to art school and even to paint for years because I was afraid to get it wrong, so now I have no basics, no style, I lack organisation and discipline... Basically, I struggle.

On the style part, I am drawn by plants and animals in watercolour, but I have to take some of your courses about relaxing. Every time I try a looser style my mind refuse to let go and I try to overwork it to perfection. 

So, this is it! I want to create in my garden, travel here and there, and be able to pay the bills. Nothing fancy, but more than I ever dreamed in the last 15 years of office work.

Thank you for taking the time to read this whole mess and for all the advices. You are awesome!

PS: Sorry, almost forgot about the steps for a website. I don't have a chart yet, but I filled for the paperwork needed in my country to work as a freelancer, I got my domain and choose Wordpress as a platform, I am working at a logo and started to look for affordable quality local manufacturers (of greeting cards, tote bags, pillows... ) so I can make 2-3 of each to start selling and show as part of a portfolio. Also, I started researching image stock sites and such. It's a long way to go, but I worked hard for others, I know I can work hard for me too. I just hope I can keep up after six months of earning nothing... This is a really long term game.