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Kristýna Plíhalová

I have hands so I draw.



Me and my son

At first I thought that idea was silly and stupid. But than it surprised me how funny it is and that it's not silly at all, if you put it in form of small book. 

Well I made zine about things my son likes to do. I made it in czech cause I want to distribute it in my family.

I used ordinary marker, brushpen and toothbrush. It's my favorite tool lately. It's not precise at all and makes great texture and you can make small splashes of color easily.



1: draw trains, 2: dring milch and cuffe (lose translation) 3: goes round 4: goes round naked with music playing


5: jump in puddles 6: watch mashrooms grow 7. but who really is Jáchym? 8: title - Things Jáchym likes to do.


I will not translate this one. It's basicly wrestling poster advertiseing anicipated match between Jáchym and a boar. It's based on czech mythology. In Czech mythology there is really really strong man called Bivoj. When I was expecting Jáchym, we called him Bivoj. Just for fun. But it turned out, he really is strong young man. In the myth Bivoj kills mighty boar with his bare hands thus winning heart of young lady. So this is it.

Next morning I was drawing with my son and thought of doing one next zine with him. So here it is. This yould be one of a kind cause the drawing are very light. But I like it:


Car rides. Granny drives the car.


Unexpected situation: snake and chick. Granny saw it and drives away.


Granny changes car for the train. Granny goes to train station.


And how it ended?


There is also something unexpected: mashroom on the trainstation. Maybe it wants to go on a trip. Maybe granny will take the mashroom with.

I have thousands of other ideas in my head already. We have quite nice cafe infront of our house. I hope to make some fun zines for them. I have an idea of series about secret heroes. You see their ordinary life and inside there is this epic heroic scene how they save someones life. I don't have much time to do it, but I'll find some. This kind of zine is also great for short simple kids stories. You can take it with you in your pocket wherever you ride and read it to your kids and even make them color it. Oh! So much things can be done!

Thanks for this great and fun class! Thanks a lot!!!


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