Me and my creativity

Me and my creativity - student project

Hello! I'm an Dutch graphic designer and illustrator living in Berlin at the moment. I studied urban design but realized I was more interested in the the illustration I could create then figuring out where the buildings needed to end up.


After Uni I needed some time to figure out what I actually wanted to do with my life so I moved to Berlin started a new life and totally forgot how much I enjoyed being creative. This year I finally started getting back into the creative world. Describing my art is still hard for my since I'm still exploring various creative styles to really find my own style. To see more of it check out my Instagram @atelier_opluso 



I started my own company with my mom this year to find a fun way for the both of us to be creative and to work together. Our unique selling point is that we get to combine my creativity with the business knowledge of my mother to create interesting and fun illustrations for industrial company's. (Only downside in this is that most illustrations are not allowed to be shared due to sensitive information in it.)Me and my creativity - image 1 - student projectMe and my creativity - image 2 - student projectMe and my creativity - image 3 - student projectMe and my creativity - image 4 - student projectMe and my creativity - image 5 - student project