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Sally Barnett

Illustrator and Graphic Artist



Me and my Shadow (Sally and Lola)

I decided to draw myself for this project. But as I went along I found this little dog following me.

The dog is my dog, Lola. She follows me everywhere, in real life, so it was inevitable she would show up in my drawing.

The more drawings I did of me, the more honed I found my drawing become. The dress with the flower was one I wore as a little girl. It was my wish flower and I let friends touch it to make a wish (the things we do when we are young). My hair is big and unmanageable, so I have put it in a scrunchy. I dont wear shoes, if I can help it, so my character would have either socks or bare feet. I haven't decided on that.

All the drawings were done by pencil and then scanned into Photoshop for the next bit. The next drawing image was done using pen and ink, but I am quite keen to get my wacom bamboo out to do the line drawing, in order to get a sharper line.

OK, I have been working on my proportions, as advised by Sarah and come up with the following:

So now I need to work on my photoshopping and creating my comic strip.

I have tried to keep the colours simple and muted. I havent put the flower in but left the pocket in, instead. But I think I need the flower as it has lost character without the flower.

Lola is a bit of a tricky subject. Lola is Black, in real life and pretty much most of the time you can only make out her protruding white teeth, which make me laugh as they are almost luminous against her white fur. But in drawing her, this makes her just look like a bit of a black blob? So then I thought, well whatr about grey. But then she just looks a bit dull, so maybe I should go for something a bit more 'out there' like purple. And her eye is also a bit of an issue, she just looks a bit manic. What do you think?


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