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Tyler Cleveland




Me and The Attic, Addict?

About a year ago, I was in my grandmother's attic and came across a box of photo books and a camera bag containing a Canon AE-1 and an extra 135mm lens. I had only known about digital cameras at the time, but I never really spent any time using one. To me, the novelty of using a film camera made photography fun. It's what I wanted to use. I bought a roll of film and started to go crazy with it, I became obsessed. I thought to myself, "Wow, why haven't I felt this good about shooting photos before?" Cameras are basically everywhere now, in your phone, on your computer, not to mention the hundreds of digital cameras on display in your local Best Buy. So, what's different? Maybe it was the suprise/anticipation of waiting to develop the film. The instant photo on the screen of a camera wasn't fun, but it's practical, so I get it. 


This picture above was among the shots on that first roll. I didn't think that the pictures would "feel" different than a digital shot when you looked at them. It's a different perspective, or I don't know, a different look at the world rather than a pristine, clear digital picture. I became more obsessed, I had to shoot more and more. I began to fall in love with the whole process. Loading the film and moving the lever to change to the next shot, adjusting the aperature, and clicking. Even the click and vibration of the shutter was an experience to me.


 A little later I found out that you could make double exposures and that just blew my mind. What else could I do? This basically a opened the door to start experimenting and getting more creative. So, I let this new hobby become a part of my life, maybe a life goal to become more than a hobby. But we'll see, just growing and developing my voice is the goal right now. 





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