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Me and My - Young Guru x Skillshare Contest

Hello my Name is Jonathan Dilin (JDefeats) I'm a 21 year old Artist from LA. This track i'm submitting is called Me and My. A fun bouncy record that came up at the spur of the moment. It features me, and my close friends Coloso and Whyel. 

I've been producing and mixing for about 6 years but I'm always still learning. I've uploaded pictures so others can see what I did, and what I can be corrected on. I use almost all waves plugins all the time in mixing and mastering. I mastered the track in wavelab. 

Session Backgorund: I'm in protools 8 LE, with an 003 rack. I used a tube condenser mic and I have a preset preamp built in protools with plugins since I do not have a physical preamp. The mix was intirely ITB. (In the Box) I mainly relied on waves plug ins for the entire session. I normally color code, label and road map the track before I begin a mix. On this song I did 6 diffrent mixes. I took about a day or two in between each to make sure I wasn't bringing in any bias from the previous mix. I produced the entire song, it is all original music. I bounced all tracks from Reason in 24bit/44. The song would usually fade at the 4:20 mark but I left the whole thing so everyone could hear the entire song. 

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from everyone soon. 

Young Guru x Skillshare contest Entry Song

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