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Me Vs. The Kamakazee Water Slide

My original three ideas were:

1) A complilation of memories of a story line that my friend and I often used when we would pretend. It always involved us having powers like Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and a tragic lost of our beloved mother (we were always twins, though I pale and freckly and she hawaiian). We would always fight to avenge her with many obstacles in our way.

2) A fond memory of a day my friends, Tihare and Noah, and I spent downtown in the town we live in. We would often buy a 2 liter of soda for the fact it was more soda for the same as a 16 oz soda, and we would also buy food to take along with us. This perticular day we found ourselves in a gulley we enjoyed hanging out at. Noah and I ended up coming up with a ridiculous dance with a plant that we found in the gulley.

3) A memory from when I was about three or four years old. My family and I were at a water park, and at this water park there were many slides varying in their fun and ability to induce terror. There was one slide in particular that was the ultimate terror to the four year old me: The Kamakazee. It was a slide that looked as close to vertical as possible without causing injuries and started high in the sky, and I, Kellie Hastings, was determined to summon the courage to go down. 

The story I decided to go with is the third: the one about my experiance with a terrifying water slide.


Here are some images of the waterpark where the story took place:

The blue slide in the middle is the one that struck me with fear,

Going to try to find some photos of my brother, cousin, and I from around the time that took place.


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