Me, Only Better

Where I am:

Squat - 135lb

Bench - 80lb

Deadlift - 185lb

Press - 50lb

Power Clean - 80-85lb

Pull-up - 3x5 with 50lb assist

1.5 mile run - 20:19

Body Fat - 26.8%

Where I want to be:

Squat - 150lb

Bench - 100lb

Deadlift - 225lb

Press - 70lb

Power Clean - 100lb

Pull-up - 5 with no assist

3.1 mile run - 30:00

1.5 mile run - 14:30

Body Fat - 20-22%

How to get there:

Lift - currently I'm lifting 3x per week, doing the Starting Strength program. I'm looking at adding another day of mid-high reps with lower weights to get ready for playing rugby this spring/summer.

Run - currently running 3x per week as well. I'm doing 2 'longer' runs and 1 day of intervals, and I'm thinking about adding another interval run as well.

Eat - currently eating mostly Primal/Paleo. It's been working so far, but I need to be stricter about sticking to it.

With the help of some lovely people over at nerdfitness.com, I've come up with The Plan:

Monday - dance, easy run

Tuesday - rest day

Wednesday - lift, cardio circuit

Thursday - interval run

Friday - lift

Saturday - long run

Sunday - lift, long run


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