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Yerlin Diaz

Mobile Photographer



Me, Myself, and Instagram.

Hey Guys! My name is Yerlin and im a Mobile Photogapher based in Wisconsin. My instagram really means alot to me and its been a gateway for me to showcase myself as a person and show others what i love about my surroundings. Things such as Landscapes, Food, Design and Portraiture. For my 9 photos ive chosen the ones that i feel really tell about my adventures, the places ive gone and the people nearest and dear to me. I hope you guys like them and im looking forward to reading, seeing and getting to know you all through your photos! 

One of the events in my daily life that I cherish is being able to have breakfast with my dear Abuela (Grandma). Learning from her experiences and laughing along. She wont be staying with me long so breakfast with her is always extraordinary.

Messing with Mirrors.

This next one is a photo taken at Devils Lake in Baraboo, WI. One of the many things i love about Wisconsin is being able to experience all the 4 seasons including, my favorite, Autumn. Being able to experience a surrounding of vibrant leaves and crisp air is so beautiful. This is a favorite of mine for that same reason, the leaves are vibrant and the Red, Orange and Yellow contrast well with the Green.

Another photo from Devils Lake.

Another subect I love to photograph is Ice during the winter time. The next 2 are from a trip tp Lake Michigan.

I really enjoy Design and Architecture, this photo is pleasing to me because of the linework that i had and the subject in the middle. I like to use SKRWT when it comes to working with parallax and aligning my photos. I tried my best with this one haha.

Sunset in Madison, WI.

Well these are my 9 entries! Hope you guys enjoy and feel free to check out my Instagram! 


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